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Metaverse is the new world where immersive digital experiences take place. The participants of this world are not just human and companies, but avatars and DAOs.

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This new world needs a new kind of economy. This economy needs a vibrant, just, and a vibrant marketplace.

Artpedia strives to be that kind of marketplace.

We're building the marketplace on multiple Ethereum L2s (Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon) which brings scalability and reasonable fees to users.

We believe that NFTs are more than just speculative cute pictures, but they include everything digital (membership in gated communities, e-books, rigged models for video games). Also, we envision that NFTs can be used IRL for e-commerces on which NFTs can be loyalty programs.

L2s solve some problems on Ethereum but that presents a new problem, the liquidity fragmentation on Ethereum.

We're building the cross-chain NFT transactions feature. The all L2s can be "wrapped" / "abstracted" into "one chain".

Meet our Team

Arjuna Sky Kok

CEO / Co-founder

Joko Sunaryo

CTO / Co-founder

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